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Women's Healthy Weight Loss that lasts for a Lifetime

6th year
Certified Trim Healthy
Lifestyle Coach

Linda Johnson

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Specializing in Midlife Women

Many Women in Midlife struggle to lose weight
and keep it off.  I help them discover the Healthier Lifestyle choices they can make so that they can feel good about improving their over all health and enjoy being in control of their weight for the rest of their life.

Group Coaching Programs especially for Midlife Women.  If you feel you aren't quite in Midlife yet, but can relate to this season of life, then feel free to join us, we'd love to have you along.


Foundational learning of the basics of the Trim Healthy plan so that you can begin or renew your Trim Healthy journey to make it your final satisfying plan to continue for life.


Advanced learning to continue your Trim Healthy journey, especially when stalled or slowed towards reaching your weight loss goal, and to enjoy staying on this course for life.

1 Month
Group Coaching
WINTER session 
January 2024

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New Group
Sept 15 - Oct 15
Healthy Meals
& Bible Study

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Check out the 3 Day Sample of our first study, you're going to love it!
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Group Coaching
January 1st


Are you ready to trim down, feel better, and have more energy?  Join me, Coach Linda, and a group of women striving towards the same goals.  Using the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan, you can finally have a way to be satisfied with your food while you trim down and improve your overall health.  I'll go over the plan for clarity, give you daily check-ins for Accountability and help you learn how to stay on it for a lifetime!  Come along with us and be encouraged!

One-on-One Coaching Program

For a more personal, one-on-one guidance to learn and go deeper into the Trim Healthy plan and how to make it YOUR lifestyle, consider the One-on-One Individualized Coaching Program.

What my clients are saying:

I was in Linda's group coaching. Previously, I had been on THM for over 3 years and not really had much weight loss.  But being accountable with Linda's group really helped me focus and plan to be a better Trim Healthy Mama and I have lost weight now as well.  Kathy H.

If anyone is on the fence about getting a coach, Linda is wonderful.  I learned so much from her coaching and in the 6 weeks lost over 25 pounds.  She is great!!  Go and sign up today!! Christy M.

 I’m learning every day as I’m on this journey. Thank you Linda for your knowledge, wisdom and encouragement!  Kimberly D.

My number 1 victory is that I am finally "getting" it.  The Reference Chart you have given us has helped me tremendously especially when planning my breakfasts and lunches.  Brenda E.

Join my FREE Facebook Group:

Trim Healthy Mama: Menopause

This group is for women who are going thru or are post-menopausal and would like help or desire to help others with encouragement or tips to the Trim Healthy Lifestyle way of eating and exercising.

I'd love to see you and encourage you there!

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Are you tired of temporary diets? 

Don't like that restrictive eating feeling? 

Ready for a change that will finally get you to a trimmer and healthier you that you can enjoy for the rest of your life?   

This is what I searched over 20 years for and I would love to share it with you. You can learn how to enjoy delicious food from all the food groups and not feel deprived.  While you are getting to eat food that you love you are also improving your overall health and giving your body the opportunity to lose excess weight.  I can help you with the overwhelm of learning how to change the way you eat to fit it into your lifestyle.  I will encourage you and answer your questions all along the way.  Check out this plan that can allow you to transform your life to where you want it to be.

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