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Trim Healthy Mama Coaching

Here is what ladies who have been my clients have said about the ways it has helped them on their Trim Healthy journey.

I was in Linda's THM Coaching Group. Previously, I had been on THM for over 3 years and not really had much weight loss.  But being accountable with Linda's group really helped me focus and plan to be a better Trim Healthy Mama and I have lost weight now as well. I retired early by a few years after working for a fortune 500 company for 32 years.   KATHY H.

I feel like I have a good idea now of what to have for an S or E breakfast now and really like Linda Johnson's comments on what we eat. It is helpful for me. Sometimes it feels discouraging because I have a long way to go. I think breaking it down like we are and focusing on one meal at a time is good. I want to be 100% on plan. I'm not there yet but I know it is a journey and won't happen overnight.   CAROLE M.

I’m making a conscientious effort to stay on plan. I feel that I did quite well last week. Working with this group has helped me to keep myself accountable and I’m learning a lot!  BONNIE M.

 I have been overweight for many years and have tried to lose weight multiple times. I have followed diet plans in the past but have not been able to keep the weight off because I love food! I love that THM does not eliminate any food group ( like carbohydrates) and provides so many yummy recipes. I can even eat sweets if I make the right choices or use the correct ingredients. Eating out is also possible with the right choices. With so many testimonies on the THM Facebook pages of people losing weight and keeping it off for years I am encouraged that this is a plan where I can finally be successful in losing weight!  Linda has helped me understand the plan (still learning)!

I'm so thankful for her coaching these past weeks on the THM plan. She helped me understand the plan better and kept me accountable with the action steps and daily meal posting. Thank you! CYNTHIA L.

After gaining weight for years after damaging my metabolism with much chemo, I’m finally losing!!! 9.6 lbs in a month. I’m crying happy tears!  ADIRANA S.

Actually you, Linda, posting recipes has helped me. I have the books but apparently get into a rut of sorts and don’t venture into all the books have to offer. Thank you! I’ve learned more details about the plan and saying bye bye to 8 lbs in 6 weeks is a very nice bonus. I appreciate Linda’s encouragement.  DEBORAH W.

Went to 50th class reunion last Saturday. Classmates ask how my skin could look so good? "THM & collagen", I said.  People said diet couldn't do that. I said, "Yes it does because it's not just what you eat, it's what you don't eat."  BARBARA M.

This Trim Healthy Lifestyle plan has worked well for so many!  Every woman wants a plan that she enjoys and that will work well for her.  Make this your plan today!   Find out how. 

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