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Self-Guided Course for your Trim Healthy Lifestyle so that you can get headed towards your transformation now.

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Foundational Trim Healthy Lifestyle Course

This self-guided course is for those who are ready to learn the basics of the Trim Healthy Lifestyle plan on their own but would like someone to explain, inspire and offer encouragement to them and also answer their questions for clear understanding.

The Foundational Trim Healthy Lifestyle Course will include:

Learning & implementing the Trim Healthy Lifestyle plan through

  • Short, information filled lessons for clarity of the plan with both Video & brief  Written Lessons. They are straight to the point to save you time.

  • Recipe Ideas to get you started from the first two Trim Healthy cookbooks

  • Recipe Reviews with pictures and ideas from some favorites to inspire you

  • Helpful tips about Prepping Ahead

  • A Review of each lesson and an opportunity for you to email me your questions about that lesson. 

SUMMER & VACATION BONUS - "Taking THM on Vacation" 

Can you imagine making all your THM on plan meals on a fun family vacation and not feeling stressed about it?  Well it is possible, you just need a PLAN. 

Use some of my recipe ideas and change some to your own favorites and use this type of planning process to make it work for you!


HOLIDAY & WINTER BONUS - "Wise Ways to go through the Holidays" is a special teaching of strategies we can use to navigate the off plan foods and treats at Holiday gatherings as well as anytime you are with friends and/or family to enjoy food together.  Since most of us will have some off plan foods during this time, I want you to establish wise ways to go about it.

FALL BONUS (also included) - Recipe Reviews & the Trim Healthy Holiday Recipe Collection to include special seasonal Fall flavors of pumpkin, apple & cranberry.  You'll be ready for Holiday meals and treats for years to come.

The cost for this Foundational Course is only $59.00  You can refer back to your course at anytime.  You may pay with a Credit or Debit Card.  No refunds once payment is made.

This course has already helped hundreds of women in Group Coaching during the four years I have presented it to clearly understand the plan and gain the confidence to continue moving forward to better health and a trimmer self.

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I am now offering it as a self-guided course.


I'm so excited for YOU to get started transforming your health and learning how you can enjoy eating your way to a trimmer YOU! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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When you click the "Start my Course NOW" button you will pay through Stripe. After payment you will then be directed to complete and submit the Trim Healthy Mama Waiver of Liability form which includes a Liability form for me, Coach Linda Johnson. When you submit the form you will be sent to Mighty Networks, where you will set up your account if you do not already have one there.  You will then have access to your Course.

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