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Monthly support group to help you achieve your Healthy Weight for Life and maintain it so that you can enjoy your ongoing success.

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Healthy Weight for Life Group

This monthly support group is for those who are already familiar with the Trim Healthy Lifestyle plan but feel they need someone to be accountable to and to receive on going encouragement, inspiration and answers to their questions about their continued ability to succeed.

The Healthy Weight for Life Group will include:

Daily Accountability each evening of 12 areas of Healthy Lifestyle Habits that you will be developing to help you to succeed with your Trim Healthy journey. These are in areas of food, exercise, & lifestyle that will soon become second nature to you.  Each month I will highlight one of these areas for a deeper dive into how you can make it a part of your own lifestyle that fits for you.

In MARCH we highlighted Strength Training exercise 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️

Now in APRIL we will highlight Protein 🥩🥚🍗🍤

In MAY we will be highlighting E Meals (low fat, good carbs)🍎🥞🍊🍞

This ongoing learning will help you strengthen your Healthy Habits and that sets you up for SUCCESS 🏆

In addition to the Daily Accountability, each week there will also be:

  • An Ask Your Questions post where I will be answering your questions and concerns about your Trim Healthy Journey.

  • A Mindset & Encouragement post and a Healthy Food & Lifestyle Tips post to keep you encouraged and inspired with your journey.

  • A weekly Victory post and a weekly Weigh-In post to track your successes & progress and for us to cheer each other on.​      

There will also be lessons available to review about the Trim Healthy plan and resources to aid you in tracking and accomplishing your goals.  Plus other Trim Healthy ideas to consider from time to time as they come up.

Are you tired of doing your journey on your own?  Just knowing that someone else is watching out for you, keeping you informed and deepening your learning and that others are cheering you on can make all the difference!  With over 5 years of Trim Healthy Coaching experience with hundreds of women, I know how to guide you to succeed.  Come join us and see the difference you'll feel and the motivation you will gain as you strive for and maintain your Healthy Weight for Life!

Join now for 3 Months for just $115 OR  Get started with 1 Month for only $45 

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When you click one of the buttons you will pay through Stripe with a credit or debit card. After payment you will then be directed to complete and submit the Trim Healthy Mama Waiver of Liability form which includes a Liability form for me, Coach Linda Johnson. When you submit the form you will be sent to Mighty Networks, where you will set up your account if you do not already have one there.  You will then have access to your Group.

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