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Trim Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss, before & after

Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison, the founders of the Trim Healthy Lifestyle Plan, whom I had the privilege of meeting with again during the THM Coaches Retreat in September, 2023, at the Hilltop Church and at the Trim Healthy Cafe.

At age 53 I had been overweight for over 20 years. I had tried numerous diet plans, with little success and afterwards gained back more weight than before.  I was so frustrated with how I looked and how I felt.

When I was introduced to the Trim Healthy Lifestyle plan I soon realized it was different than any other, and surprisingly it worked!  

It was a challenge since the whole world around me had off-plan food galore, but I loved the food and what it was doing for my body. In a little over a year I had lost 30 lbs and I was out of the "overweight" category!  I was thrilled with how much better I felt in my slimmer body and that I finally knew the right way to eat for me. Some would say I lost really slow, but it has stayed off and has been good for my overall health. I'm in this for life, so I was pleased.

After maintaining that for 4 years, I became a Certified Trim Healthy Lifestyle Coach and learned more about ways to adapt the plan to my body's specific needs.  I decided to try to lose more weight to get closer to my long ago ideal weight.

I started working towards that goal and in 2019 I lost another 15 pounds!! (Total of 45 lbs gone)  I'm currently in my 6th year as a Coach.

Now 10 years later, I'm age 63 and feel GREAT!  It feels so good to feel good and finally be moving around comfortably in my own body.  I have plenty of energy throughout the day.  My overall mood has improved and I feel better able to handle the stress in my life as well.  

I'm busy just keeping up with my 7 adult kids, 6 kids-in-law and 20 grand-kids!!  After 45 years of marriage there are 35 of us in all!  

Now that I feel so good, I love sharing it with other ladies so that they can discover their healthy & trim life and feel good also! 

My latest passion in health and weight loss is in the area of the body's own GLP-1 hormone and ways to naturally boost it for those who are not able to or choose not to use the now popular GLP-1 weight loss medications.  I have completed training and additional research in that area and now love sharing that with my clients.

My sincere hope is that you too will discover that our bodies are miraculously made to heal if we will give them what they need, and not allow them the things which will keep them from it. God has given us this gift of life and I thank Him for guiding me to another aspect of its abundance.  

I would love to chat with you to see if having a coach would be right for you to help you achieve the results you have been waiting for.  Email me today to find out.

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