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Revitalize YOUR Trim Healthy Journey

I'm excited to bring to this Group ways to do the THM plan in which you can naturally boost your body's own GLP-1 hormone to help stabilize your blood sugar thereby improving insulin resistance.  Also this helps you feel full longer and in turn curbs your appetite.  These two things from boosting your GLP-1 hormone can make a big difference in your ability to lose weight and implementing these strategies into your Trim Healthy lifestyle can help you maintain your trimmer self.  Whether you are using a GLP-1 therapy or you are not able to for various reasons, this natural approach will be helpful for your journey to weight loss and maintenance.

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This 8 Week Group Coaching Program is designed to 

Revitalize YOUR Trim Healthy Journey.

It is for women of all ages and stages of life. This programs does address weight loss struggles common to Midlife Women because as we age hormones decline and thus the need for more targeted attention to optimize our weight loss strategies.  One of those declining hormones can be our GLP-1 so we will emphasize ways to naturally boost that hormone towards optimal levels through food choices and lifestyle habits.


One advantage of group coaching is how encouraging it is to be in a community of ladies that are also on the journey to better health and a trimmer self with the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan.

If you are ready to dive deeper into your Trim Healthy journey OR if you are wanting new strategies to continue your progress on your journey, then I want to help you by inviting you to join me in this Revitalize YOUR Trim Healthy journey group to bring new hope, life & vitality to YOUR journey.  For those who are interested in using the Trim Healthy Mama plan and natural GLP-1 hormone boosting for weight loss, this is the group for you.

My Trim Healthy Group Coaching Program will include:

Training, learning & implementing with strategies for your success

  • Specific ways to help your body address weight loss through meal & appetite satiety along with better blood sugar control, and reduced cravings. Emphasizing ways to apply the THM plan to naturally boost your GLP-1 hormone with specific food choices and lifestyle habits 

  • Meal ideas using foods to help naturally boost your GLP-1 hormone

  • Weekly Video & Written lessons will also include advanced topics such as 3 types of S meals, Fuel Stacking, Ultra Fuel Pulls, Stubborn Loser type meals, Veggie Full meals

  • Lesson on Protein and your Muscles: New recommended amounts, why, what kinds should I choose, and examples of ideas and ways to use EAAs

  • Recipe Ideas to get you started from the first two THM cookbooks

  • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Food & Lifestyle Trackers to see your progress

  • Weekly Victories for encouraging yourself and each other

  • Daily Food Journal Checking by me, your Trim Healthy Coach, to insure you are spot on with your choices AND for your Accountability

  • Recipe Reviews with pictures of some favorites I enjoy for your inspiration

  • There will also be other helpful tips about Superfoods, Healthy Lifestyle Habits including exercise ideas with suggested videos, Managing your Mind and Stress, & Prepping Ahead. 

All of this in an easy to follow, step-by-step system so that you don't feel overwhelmed as you gain the knowledge you need to thrive. Plus, you'll be able to ask your questions to me, your Coach, all along the way.

I will also have special weekly challenges to encourage you to establish Healthy Habits that will set you up for success in your Trim Healthy journey. Join in and be eligible for a prize drawing each week or if you don't want to add the challenges to your journey at this time, no worries, it's completely optional & your choice.

My passion is to help those who are not able to use the GLP-1 injections and would like to use the Trim Healthy Mama plan emphasizing natural ways to boost their body's own GLP-1 hormone as a way to target their health and weight loss goals.  I have received specialized training about the GLP-1 hormone and am now sharing that with my clients.  Wondering how do you increase GLP-1 naturally?  That's what sets this group apart as the one to give you that opportunity to learn and make it a part of your lifestyle.

I am excited to announce that I am now hosting my Group Coaching Program on Mighty Networks, a platform similar to a Facebook layout BUT without other distractions to get in our way.  Imagine having "Facebook" all to yourself with a group of friends to be supported and encouraged by while increasing your knowledge and enjoyment of the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan with a seasoned Coach who's in her 6th year of coaching and whose been successfully on the Trim Healthy plan for 10 years!  That's exactly what you'll experience!   There are even FREE Mighty Networks apps for your phone or tablet. 

The cost for this 8 Weeks total of the Group Coaching Session is $189.00  You may pay with a Credit or Debit Card.  No refunds once payment is made.

I'm so excited for YOU to Revitalize the transforming of your health and continue with eating your way to a trimmer YOU! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!  

Enrollment is now closed.
Revitalize YOUR Trim Healthy Overview Thumbnail.png
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