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Mastery Group


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The Foundational Mastery Group is for women of all ages and stages of life.  This program does include special tips for the needs of Midlife Women.

 Foundational learning is of the key principles of the Trim Healthy plan to begin or renew your Trim Healthy journey with a solid understanding of the basics and how to enjoy making it your final satisfying plan to continue for the rest of your life.

It is so encouraging to be in group coaching with a community of ladies that are on the journey to better health and a trimmer self with the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan.

If you are ready to begin your Trim Healthy journey OR you are wanting to renew your journey and clarify your knowledge of the plan, then I want to help you by inviting you to join me in the SPRING of 2024 for 6 weeks of Foundational Mastery.

I am excited to announce that I am now hosting my Group Coaching Program on Mighty Networks, a platform similar to a Facebook BUT without other distractions to get in our way.  Imagine having "Facebook" all to yourself with a group of friends to be supported and encouraged by while increasing your knowledge and enjoyment of the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan.  Also being with a seasoned coach who's in her 6th year of coaching whose been successfully on the plan for over10 years!  That's exactly what you'll experience!  There are even FREE Mighty Networks apps for your phone or tablet. 


My Group Coaching Program will include:

Learning & implementing the plan with

  • Weekly lessons for clarity on the Trim Healthy plan with Video & Written Lessons.  Emphasizing ways to apply the THM plan to naturally boost your GLP-1 hormone with specific food choices and lifestyle habits

  • Recipe Ideas to get you started from the first two THM cookbooks

  • Weekly Weigh-Ins for one type of way in tracking your progress

  • Weekly Victories for encouraging yourself and each other

  • Daily Food Journal Checking by me, your Trim Healthy Coach, to insure you are spot on with your choices AND for your Accountability

  • Recipe Reviews with pictures of some favorites I enjoy to inspire you

  • There will also be helpful tips about Superfoods, Healthy Lifestyle Habits, Mindset, & Prepping Ahead.

  • You'll be able to ask your questions to me, your Coach, all along the way.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: When the first four weeks are completed you'll be included in an ongoing Accountability Group for 2 weeks to finish out your time where you will still be connected to me, your Coach as a next step in your journey. 

I will also have special weekly challenges about some more targeted ways to do your Trim Healthy journey if you want to join in and be eligible for a prize drawing each week. If you are just beginning and don't want to add the challenges to your journey at this time, no worries, it's completely optional & your choice. 


The cost for this 6 Weeks total Group Coaching Session is only $129.00  You may pay with a Credit or Debit Card.  No refunds once payment is made.

I'm so excited for YOU to get started transforming your health and eating your way to a trimmer YOU! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Coming Feb 18
Enrollment is not open at this time
SPRING Foundational 2024.png
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