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Fuel Pull Snack or Dessert Ideas

from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook


Snacks or Desserts (Muffins, Cakes & More)


Strawberry Muffin p 281


Butterfly Wings Cake p 301


Banana Meringues p 317


Peanut Gems p 319


Jigglegurt p 345


Glycine Glory Pudding p 348


Gluccie Pudding p 351


Trim Freezes p 359-360


Ice Cream p 361 & p 363 & p 366


Lemonade or Strawberry Slushie p 372


Cottage Berry Whip p 374


Collagen Berry Whip p 375


Superfood Chews p 383


Gummies p 387-388


Crunch Puffs p 460


Thin Thicks p 423-424


Smoothies (Make a half size for a small snack or dessert)


Shake Gone Nuts p 411 


Strawberry Big Boy & Secret Big Boy Smoothies p 414-417


Fat-Sripping Frappas p 418-421


Condiments to use with snacks or desserts


Slim Belly Jelly p 478


Handy Chocolate Syrup p 479


Peanut Junkie Butter p 481 (⅓ of this recipe is FP amount)


Seasoning Mixes - Nacho & Ranch p 492


Drinks (Fuel Pull - Good Anytime)


All-Day Sippers p 397-406


Drinks (with Snacks or Alone as a Light “Snack” occasionally)


Hot - Any of the Trimmy drinks p 430-436 (Do the FP Version)


Cold - Any of the Drinks p 438-445


Trimquik p 494


from the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook


Snacks or Desserts (Muffins & More)


Incredible Peanut Butter Cookie Muffins p 371


Gummies p 419-421


Instant Cookie Dough Protein Bar p 428


Lemon Lime Burst Whip p 442


Peanut Chocolate Whip p 442


Miracle Mousse Makeover p 444 (make as a FP)


One-Minute Yogurt Bowl p 445 (make as a FP)


Smoothies (Make a half size for a small snack or dessert)


Cheesecake Shake Down p 470


Chai Chaga Smoothie p 476


Mocha Secret Big Boy p 479


Gingerbread Secret Big Boy p 480


Bloat Be Gone Smoothie p 488


Condiments to use with snacks 


Cottage Citrus Dip p 523

Ranch Trimmy Dressing p 527


Thousand Island Trimmy Dressing p 529


Italian Trimmy Dressing p 531


Drinks (Fuel Pull - Good Anytime)


All-Day Sippers p 453-456


Drinks (with Meals or Snacks or Alone as a Light “Snack” occasionally)


Hot - Prep Ahead Healing Trimmy Mix p 463 (make as a FP drink)


Hot - p 465-467 (make as a FP drink)


Cold - Speedy Milk p 457 & Ruby Sparkler p 458


Other Ideas without the cookbooks 


Oikos brand Triple Zero Yogurt (with berries if desired) 


2 Light Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (2.5 gr Fat each) & Non-Starchy Veggies 


2 (Light Rye) Wasa Crackers & LCC (sprinkle on seasonings of choice) 


Drink w/Collagen 


Low carb, low fat Deli Meat or Chicken Breast rolled up lettuce leaf w/spicy mustard & Dill Pickle


 ½ can of Tuna or Chicken & Cucumber Slices sprinkled w/Tajin 


½ cup Cottage Cheese & Little Colored Peppers & any other Non-Starchy Veggies 


½ cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt mixed with sweetener & berries or Slim Belly Jelly

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