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Healthy Meals & Bible Study
First session Sept 15 - Oct 15
One Month Group for $10 + you will need to purchase the book separately, see below.

Taking care of your physical body and the growth of your spiritual life are important aspects of your overall health and well being. Putting these together at the same time in your day can encourage you to make both of them a priority. I'm excited to show you how developing the habits of both will help you with each one individually.  

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Our first study will be using the book, Bible & breakfast, which has 31 days of healthy breakfast ideas and a Bible study with a short "snack" Bible time or a longer "feast" Bible time.  You decide what works best for you and your lifestyle.

I have gone through all of the 31 breakfast ideas for you, and made a list of changes where needed in each recipe or an alternative recipe so you can keep this all on the Trim Healthy lifestyle plan if that is your goal.

You will have the opportunity for:

Daily accountability and comments on your study and your breakfast food. 

Join with other ladies as Study & Prayer Partners. 

Share breakfast ideas and ways to get it all into your life on a consistent basis.

Share with your family or do this on your own.

One Month Group Study for $10 + you need to purchase the book separately, Bible & breakfast from Amazon or other bookstore for approximately $20 depending on if new or used.

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